Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Time on My Hands

What to do when you've set your alarm clock wrong so you wake up, get dressed, and discover it's an hour earlier than you expected? Though it would be nice to miss most of the morning rush traffic, that means getting to the conference at least an hour, maybe closer to two hours because of no rush, before the speakers begin. Can only consume so much tea and croissants - certainly not enough to fill all that time.

Could check Facebook. That'd kill an hour ... or two ... easily.

Could read the Colin Dexter Inspector Morse novel that I'm halfway through, but it's getting to the really good part so I'd have to put it back down to leave and be wondering what happened to the murdered Swedish Maiden.

Worked a bit on my to-do list but had done that a couple days ago so only slightly different. Can cross off new watch battery; did that yesterday down at a little shop on Confederation. Another occasion when I had unexpected time on my hands.

And why is the idiom time on my hands? Why not time on my shoulders? Or does that imply more a burden and less a "freedom" to do something useful with the time?

If you say it of someone else, it's usually "too much time on his/her hands," as in they're using their time to get into some sort of mischief.

I've decided to "split my time," part to these thoughts, part to leaving a bit earlier than planned so as to miss some of the Geneva traffic grind. Wonder what time they set out the croissants?

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