Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where Would You Like Me to Stick It?

One thing the doctor advised us to watch for during Donna-Lane's between-chemo-treatment weeks was that she doesn't get a fever. After all, the chemo is not only destroying potential cancer cells, it severely reduces her white blood cell count and her immune system. Ie, stay away from potential sources of bacteria, people who are sick, etc.

So I bought a thermometer.

Couldn't find one of those new digital roll-it-across-your-forehead versions, so settled for the traditional stick that they had at the pharmacy.

Alas, someone in the house picked up a contagious, short-term illness. So we decided to start taking D-L's temperature periodically as a precaution.

Opened the thermometer box. The directions were in French, German, Italian (the three official Swiss languages) and maybe one or two other languages. None of them English.

I started trying to read the French, with which I'm somewhat familiar.

"Is this for oral or rectal?" I asked her.

She lost it. Odd combination of bent-over laughter with oh-my-god facial horror.

Turns out, it could be used in either cavity. As well as under the armpit.

Next thing we need to figure out is how much is 98.6F in Centigrade?

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  1. Ha Ha.. This has inspired a Flash Fiction! Made me laugh too!