Thursday, October 8, 2015

Exotic Soup

I was thrilled that Donna-Lane felt good enough to cook lunch, the first time in quite a few days, as she's been struggling with fatigue brought on by her chemo treatments.

She'd made a soup using a package of assorted veggies purchased yesterday at the Co-Op. I hadn't paid much attention to which veggies, though I remembered carrots being in the package.

"What's in the soup?" I asked, before scooping my first spoonful.

"Bali, carrots, celery, leek ...." she rattled off the ingredients.

"What was that again?" I'm a bit hard of hearing, though I did have my good ear pointed in her direction.

"Bali, ......."

Hmmmmm. She's been searching recipes on the internet. Must've come across a recipe for some South Pacific-themed vegetable soup.

Then I looked in the bowl. "Barley!"

"Yes," she replied in her Boston accent, in which they don't pronounce 'r's': "Bahley."

Guess there won't be a floor show of Indonesian island dancers after lunch.

By the way, I love bahley. 
D-L's dueling blog on the subject can be read at:

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