Thursday, October 1, 2015

Today, Much Better

Today was an overall good day. Not perfect. But productive.

First, Donna-Lane's heart is fine. Nice young cardio doc took some scans, including showing D-L the blood flowing through her veins. No worries there. Even found a lone street parking space into which I deftly parallel parked. The karma kontinues.

Stopped for a pain au chocolate noir and tea at the cafe at Manor. D-L waited for me while I did the grocery shopping, but by the time I finished she was fatigued again and lay down as soon as we arrived home.

Fortunately, J returned from the mountains, which enabled me to drive around to Montreux (home of the famous jazz festival) for an interview with a fascinating guy who's Swiss company has come up with a radical new seat design and a customized approach to business aircraft cabins.
Drove home the other way, through Evian (home of the famous bottled spring water), so in effect I drove around the entirety of Lac Leman - 176 kilometres. Traffic was a crawl at times, but that just gave me a chance to enjoy the spectacular mountain and lake scenery. At times, I could see successive mountains, the nearest one fairly clear and dark, the next less clear and less dark, the third and fourth even lighter and hazier as in a painting.

The lake view was quite ethereal - pale blue water with streaks of navy and mottled with a hazy pinkish-white sky, which yielded to even paler blue sky. As I rounded the promontory and came through Evian, though, there was a bright yellow sun setting, flashing vivid orange ripples across the water. Over time as the sun dipped below the line of the Jura mountains, the sky and clouds above evolved into hues of salmon and ivory. (The photo does not do justice to the mood of the lake I observed.)
Returned home to find Donna-Lane feeling stronger.

Good day. Good day.

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