Sunday, November 8, 2015

City or Village?

I have never lived in a city. I've mostly lived in small towns or suburbs of cities, close enough to venture into the skyscraper jungle only occasionally but not having to deal with urbanity for more than a few hours.

Donna-Lane grew up in a smallish town as well but has lived in Boston, so she has some experience in the benefits and drawbacks of true city life.

We have decided to try to find an apartment in the heart of Geneva. Granted, not a city on the scale of New York or Paris, but a city nonetheless.

I have to admit, I find the prospect exciting. I like the idea of being able to walk to most of the places we need to go: grocery, bakery, restaurants, marche. Take the bus or tram when we need to venture further afield such as the hospital (let's minimize that, if we can), writer's group meetings, concerts, museums, the airport. No need for a car, and too much hassle (and cost) to find a place to park it, not to mention the traffic -- Geneva has a spaghetti network of streets that go every which way, and usually only in one direction.

We'll leave the car, for as long as it lasts, in Argeles-sur-mer, our other home in a very small village. Which is another lifestyle I had not experienced before a couple years ago. Village life is also very walking-oriented. Everything close by.

Somewhere down the road we'll probably  choose one or the other. City or village. But for now, we're fortunate to be able to live in both. 

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