Sunday, November 1, 2015

Tiramisu Under Glass

Donna-Lane and I stopped in Grenoble (site of the 1968 Winter Olympics) enroute from Argeles-sur-Mer to Geneva. It was lunchtime, and my body needed a stretch break from several hours of driving. The total trip typically takes us about 8-9 hours, depending on sightseeing stops, about 6 1/2 if we barrel straight through.

We had lunch in a very pleasant and very small bistro, Brasserie des Fleurs, located in the heart of the city, after examining the menus of several nearby eateries.

Though we were both full, we opted to split a tiramisu, and I joked before it came, "Wonder if it comes in a mason jar?"

The last time we had tiramisu was on the 2nd of our honeymoon trips to independent principalities, this one to Monaco. I had picked up some take-out around the corner from our AirBNB rental and noticed the dessert in a glass cooler. It came in mason jars and I bought two servings for 5 euros each.

The next evening, I went back for more, but this time a young woman waited on me instead of the young man the night before. She didn't like the idea of me taking the mason jars (which were perhaps worth more than the dessert), and I explained how I'd done so previously, pointing to the young man. I wasn't about to eat it there, as D-L was a block away and up four flights of steep stairs. Finally the woman agreed to sell them to me, provided I bring back the jars.

After paying the 10 euros, I turned around to leave, and the automatic glass doors weren't as quick as I was. Walked right in to them, face first. Managed to cut my nose with my glasses.

Think I returned the mason jars?

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  1. Love tiramisu. I can image you walking into those doors. All in all, very kind for you to bring a treat to D.L.