Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wish I'd Known the Chateau Ruins Are Haunted Before I Crossed the Moat

It was a beautiful sunny, warm day, most unusual for mid-November in Geneva, so Donna-Lane and I headed for a walk through La Pallantrie nature preserve, which we had been talking about doing for some time.

One of the 'attractions' in the preserve is the ruin of Le château de Rouelbeau, a 13th-century fortress which lasted only a couple hundred years. It was one of the first historic sites designated by Switzerland.
The chateau was built in the middle of the swamps of Seymaz, and included an artificial moat.

The moat is still there, though there's almost no water in it. But D-L didn't care to navigate the moat mud and the slippery hillside leading up to the ruins, so I ventured across alone -- accompanied by Scooby Two and Shamrock, who insisted on climbing the rocks of the former entrance.
When we returned home, of course, I needed to research the site, and kept seeing headlines on Google using the term 'paranormal.' Apparently, a "lady in white" haunts the ruins on nights with a full moon. She's reported to be the first wife of Humbert de Choulex, who built the chateau/fortress in July 1318. She was rejected by the chevalier (knight), and she's hoping for his return -- summoning up the former inhabitants to live again. Swiss zombies?

The next full moon is November 25th. Anyone up for a Scooby Two and the Haunted Chateau adventure?
Is that Humbert returning?

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