Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Life Logistics

The good news is we now know the date for Donna-Lane's final chemo treatment. (Cheers, wild applause, fist pumps ...)

It won't be an easy one - a different drug this time, taxotere (aka Docetaxel), which will likely make her even more fatigued than the taxol (Paclitaxel) she's been given the past several weeks. But the new stuff should not cause the numbness and burning sensation in her hands and toes.

The alternative was four more rounds of taxol, extending the ordeal an extra three weeks, and leading up to the consultation with the oncologist we avoided mentioning that elephant in the room so as not to jinx the diagnosis.

Knowing a firm date now allows us to plan the next phase, our post-cancer life, as it were. Any plans, even for the next day or the next hour, have been pretty much on hold, as we never really know when D-L will hit a wall and need to rest. (See Thursdays and Tuesdays - http://lovinglifeineurope.blogspot.ch/2015/12/thursdays-and-tuesdays.html)

But now we're back in planning mode, and all the logistics pop randomly back into our minds. The arrival in Geneva of Donna-Lane's "French daughter" and her family to start her new job. (The doctor kindly scheduled the final chemo after the arrival so D-L will not be in her high-fatigue zone.) Our hoped-for trip down to Argeles-sur-mer for a couple of weeks, returning to Switzerland for five weeks of daily radiation treatments. Then, at last, down to ASM for a longer stretch. And when are our friends from Utah going to be there so we hopefully overlap for at least a few days? Flights for a conference I'll be attending in the States. Meeting up with other friends (who are part-time tour guides) for a few days in Normandy - looking forward to seeing the D-Day beaches. Stopping in Paris enroute to see a couple family of choice.

So many pieces of the puzzle to fit together. What a wonderful, welcome challenge.

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