Wednesday, February 17, 2016

In Search of Elisabeth Gray - the Most 'Obscure' Candidate for US President

My blog was at the top of the Google search results
In a previous blog, I raised the question, Who is Elisabeth Gray?

My initial innocent internet inquiry has turned into a moderate obsession. (Hey, I'm an information hound. I like to learn all I can on subjects that interest me.)

Who is this woman who apparently plunked down $5K or collected hundreds of signatures, sufficient to qualify for the ballot in the Texas Republican primary for US President ... and then promptly faded back into obscurity?

My initial inquiries to the local librarian and newspapers turned up no information I did not already have. But last night's email brought two possible bits of information - she may be in her 70s and retired. So pretty much in the same category as Hillary Clinton.

I received an email from the Williamson County GOP chairman, Bill, who wrote: "Howdy. I ... have not been able to find any information about her, other than she is retired, and in her 70’s.  None of the elected officials or community leaders I asked from Taylor knew her – mayor, city council, school board, chamber of commerce, commissioner, state representative – none know anything about her.  It looks like she relocated from Georgia recently."

Mmmmm. "relocated ... recently." Maybe it's time to check out local Taylor realtors.

One of the goals of my quest was to stimulate some news media to write about Ms. Gray and perhaps reveal her motives for running, her views on the issues. Who knows - if people learn that she's on the ballot, maybe they'll spurn the flawed frontrunners and at least qualify Elisabeth Gray for a runoff in May, giving voters plenty of time to get to know her.

I didn't expect, though, to become part of the story. The website Ballot Access News came across my blog (which normally has less than 10 views a day, but soared to 370 for the ElisabethGray post) and posted a story headlined, "Texas Blogger Rick Adams in Search of Elisabeth Gray, the Most Obscure Candidate on the Republican Texas Primary Ballot."

So, in effect, one of my goals was achieved.

I also received a comment on my blog (another rarity). "sbird" said "I voted today and Ms. Gray's name on the ballot was the only one that didn't repulse me (because I know nothing of her). ... By the way, I found your site while I was trying to find out just who Elizabeth Gray is. 

I'm also perplexed that Ms. Gray qualified for the Texas ballot when she does not appear to have ever filed as a candidate with the Federal Elections Commission - After all, even Darth Vader and Mickey Mouse filed with the FEC.
Is that not necessary to get on a lone state ballot? Or were Texas officials in error in placing her on the ballot? I've written to the Texas Secretary of State's office asking by what means Ms. Gray ended up on the primary ballot. I've also sent a message to the state GOP.

I'd love to see someone pick up on the story nationally, so I've reached out to Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Rachel Maddow ...

I am also tweeting messages to Wolf Blitzer and CNN, encouraging them to invite ALL the balloted candidates to the Super Tuesday debate - to be held February 25 in Houston.

Told you this had become an obsession.

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