Sunday, January 22, 2017

Debout Debout Debout - Stand Up for Present and Future Generation Women

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We marched yesterday ... with millions of other women, men and even children around the world.

Because, after all, the underlying purpose of this "protest" is for the ultimate benefit of our daughters, granddaughters, and the generations to come. And our sons and grandsons; when women are truly respected and equal, the whole of society is more just and caring.

The initial target of the march's message was DJ Trump, but it became much more than that. It could apply as well to the Middle East and other backwards societies where women continue to be oppressed - forced to wear certain clothing, cannot vote, cannot drive, cannot be in the presence of a male other than their husband.

And it was more than an awareness-raising of gender-specific issues: for many the march was also about gross income inequality, the obscene power of the wealthy and corporations over everything from our food and water and healthcare to the manipulative media, the ubiquitous and unchecked intrusive surveillance into our phone calls and emails and social media posts, the armoured-up police state which kills first and stonewalls questions later, the lack of compassion for millions of true refugees who have been displaced by endless wars waged for the prosperity of arms merchants.

Trump, after all, is but a symbol of many of the things that are wrong in America and across the oligarchic societies now controlled by the Davos crowd. He is right about such issues as crumbling infrastructure and political corruption. He is right that power needs to be returned to the people. I doubt he will do much to right the wrongs. From his rambling speech pattern and inarticulate expression, the new President does not appear intelligent. And many of the people he is surrounding himself with are the roots of the problems, and can hardly be expected to be part of a better solution. No doubt they will act in their self-interest, as most of their predecessors, Democrat and Republican, have been doing for decades. It was no surprise that the Davos agenda last week was all about protecting elite wealth from the populist horde, rather than addressing the genuine grievances that have given rise to Trump, Brexit, Le Pen, and similar anti-establishment movements.

Montpellier was the first march in my life. I have, certainly, protested in other ways, primarily in my writing. D-L and I are also in the middle of a lawsuit against the US government to repeal an Obama-issued law that has severe negative effects on the daily lives of nine million Americans who live overseas. Perhaps some of Trump's minions will convince him to overturn it; perhaps the Supreme Court will toss it: perhaps neither. We have been told many times we are fighting a Quixotesque battle. For the potential sake of others, it is a battle worth fighting.

The refrain of the theme song in France repeated the expression, "Debout! Debout! Debout!," which is translated as standing up, or in the march's context, "Get Up! Get Up! Get Up!" Think about all that means. If you have been sitting idly by, merely observing and tut-tutting the decline of morals and civility and fairness, you, we, need to GET UP and do what we each can to change the direction of our local, national and global societies -- march, vote, write, call, sue, volunteer, run for office. In some way, overtly or by default, we all contributed to what the world is now. We all have a capacity to change it for the future ... our children's future.

To see the video of the Montpellier march, click here:

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