Monday, January 30, 2017

Hatebook, or The End of Civil Discourse?

Post just about anything on social media these days, and you are likely to have returned a slew of vitriol. Doesn't matter what your original topic. Someone in your roster of friends, or in their connections of connections, and usually more than a few people, will use your post as a jumping-off point to spew their hatred for whatever is wrong in their view of the world.

If you post a photo of a meal or a fun time you're having, the chronically disillusioned will regard these as frivolous - how can you enjoy a hearty meal when others have none?; you should give your food to the homeless, or what right do you have to enjoy life when more righteous groups are protesting injustice in the cold rain?

Que Dieu vous aide if you should post anything blatantly political. The literary claws and fangs come out, frequently in the form of quite unimaginative vulgarity. A few seem about to spontaneously combust. Granted, many of the hate posts are from the extreme left or right ... but more and more, these seem to be the only ones remaining on line. The more reasonable, and reasoning, people in the vast middle are retreating because no one is paying any attention to reasoned voices anymore.

For the crime of questioning the source of a report or inviting supporting facts, I have been accused more than once of being a Trump supporter. I am not, as those who read even a few of my posts know. But I guess if I am not also spouting constant hatred for everything Trumpian, I must therefore be worse than a RacistNaziMysogonist. I have also been accused of being a Hillary/Dem flunky; not guilty there either. I think the only reason people don't realise how bad she would be as President is because she lost and didn't get a chance to rule. I am equally disgusted with the ruling politicos, current and past, and their wealthy elite puppet-masters at how they have thoroughly screwed up the world ... largely in the pursuit of greed.

I do what I can to make the world a better place, to improve it one day at a time within my spheres of influence. It starts with being hopeful ... and positive. Don't know about you, but when I seeth with anger I don't accomplish much until I put it behind me.

Some folks I know have chosen to unfriend or block those who troll their feeds. Others have bailed on social media altogether. We have minimised the amount of repetitive, droning TV news we watch. But for the moment, I will remain online, do what I can to contribute in a thoughtful, balanced way to the discourse, and ignore the foul-mouth ranters. Pour le moment.

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  1. I bailed on Facebook. I am much more happier without it! And I feel that my blog does just as well without it!