Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kamikaze Cyclists

I don't drive in city traffic much any more; in fact, in Argèles sur Mer, we hardly ever move the car from the bibliothèque parking lot.

But this week and next I'm in morning rush traffic in Genève, enroute to the uni for language classes.

You don't want to hear my language when it comes to the daredevil motorcyclists (and occasional reckless bicyclist) who weave around and in between the cars and trucks. I'm amazed more of them don't run into side mirrors and cars abruptly changing lanes to try to gain a few feet in the crawl. Or hit a bicyclist, or a pedestrian, while racing along the bike path.

If you leave even a couple of feet between you and the car ahead, especially stopped at a light, you can be sure a cyclist will come up the lane-dividing line and slide in front of you. Or they'll slide over into the oncoming lane, driving the wrong way, and loop around a long line of cars. I don't think I've ever seen a motorcyclist pulled over for traffic violations, not one.

Yesterday, though, there was a police chase of a motorcyclist. The cyclist was attempting to escape into France with about $20 million worth of jewels from a robbery. He happened to wipe out in the village where D-L used to live, only a couple kilometres from where we live now. The gems were scattered everywhere. They think they got them all. But I may just go over to the site and search, Just to make sure.

At least that was one reckless cyclist arrested.

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