Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Dream Dump

I had one of my more vivid dreams last night, probably more toward morning, so I was able to remember some detail, which is not often the case. Usually I am aware I dreamed something during a night but cannot recall anything specific, even the topic.

A teacher once said dreams, or at least certain dreams, constitute a "brain dump."

The dream last night seemed to have at least some connection with real things that have passed through my head recently.

I dreamed I was in San Francisco for a conference. (Why SF? Probably because our friend, R, had posted on FB that she would be up late to watch the SF Giants opening day game (9 hours difference). I remember thinking, just before going to bed, that she might be tired when we meet for coffee this morning.) (Mid-blog update - it was a different R, same name, we were meeting; my confusion.)

For some reason, in my dream, I had signed up for a bus tour which was leaving from the conference. A spouse tour, as it turns out, though I don't think Donna-Lane was involved in the conference.

When I went to register, they told me because I had signed up late I would not be in the same hotel as the others in the group, at least for the first night. (This probably relates to the kerfuffle about the passenger who was dragged off the United / Republic flight - some people on social media commented that passengers who show up late at the airport gate are more likely to be bumped. Though I suspect it's those who pay the lowest ticket fares.)

The nice bus tour people mentioned something else I did not know -- I was the tour group leader. Quite a surprise, as I have never been to the tour's destination, Salt Lake City and other Utah environs, so didn't have a clue how I was supposed to lead. (I cannot think of any reason Utah would pop up in my dream, and I did not mention to the tour people my lack of local knowledge.)

I also learned the bus tour was five days, pretty much the duration of the conference, so exactly how was I going to attend any of the conference? (On whatever the subject was.) (Maybe this was from my reluctance to attend an event in May to which I have been invited but is extremely tight on schedule, so I might have to pass. I have been thinking in terms of five days for this event, including travel.)

I woke up before the tour bus departed, so I'm a bit sorry I didn't get to see Utah. I hear it's beautiful.

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