Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Dystopia Accelerated


I've been dreading the Nov. 3 election in the United States, fearing the worst - an inconclusive result, a possible constitutional crisis, likely violence in the streets from the losing side (or those who claim to be so aligned, including anarchists who simply take advantage of the chaos). But what I fear most is a Trump re-election and four more years of fascism-driven policy changes which will further erode the democracy and free society which once represented the American ideal. Not to mention simple things like clean air and clean water.

My timeline of despair was just fast-forwarded by the not totally surprising death of RBG and the prospect of the unholy trinity of Trump-Barr-McConnell severely tipping the balance of the SCOTUS for a generation or more.

Even if Trump loses the election, and Biden becomes president for awhile, the worst damage will be done by a partisan conservative court, as well as the hundreds of judges appointed by Trump (including about 100 which rightfully belonged to Obama but which were deliberately stalled by the Turtle.)

At best, a Trump nominee should only be changing a 4-5 court to a 5-4 court, had McConnell not blocked Obama's nominee in an election year. Now the hypocritical Kentuckian is ignoring his own precedent when it suits his nefarious purpose.

Every Republican senator who blocked a vote on Obama/Garland's nomination who now allows an election-year vote is a traitor to truth. (But then truth has always been a rare commodity in Washington.)

An American friend used the word "gutted," and that pretty much describes how I feel.

All hope is gone that the US will ever be the fair society it once aspired to be.

With Barr pulling Trump's strings, and cheerleading by FoxNews, Hannity, Levin and others who are getting rich off spewing hatred, the scenario I see, if Trump somehow manipulates the election into four more years (voter suppression, voter intimidation, court challenges heard by friendly judges, etc.), I think tens of thousands, maybe even millions of indignant Americans will take to the streets in protest. They will be met by overwhelming force from Barr's Gestapo and even, illegally, the US military forces. Tear gas and rubber bullets won't be enough - I can see them using grenades, mortars, machine guns, and flamethrowers to quash any disturbance. Get ready for American law enforcement and soldiers (aided by Betsy Devos' brother's mercenaries and self-styled white supremacist militia) to kill fellow Americans until all dissent is stamped out.

And get ready for Trump & Co to use all those wonderful surveillance tools that Mark Zuckerberg and other software companies have been fine-tuning ... to monitor every move you make, at least those who have ever publicly voiced opposition.

In four more years, the USA will be unrecognizable from what it was just four years ago. The economy will be in shambles (though they'll lie about the stock market numbers). There will be no healthcare except for the rich. Ordinary people will not be allowed on the street without having to produce identification and justification. Schools will become indoctrination camps. The arts will completely wither. Blacks, hispanics, and gays will be further oppressed. Old people will die in droves as their Medicare and Social Security "entitlements" are cut or eliminated (sort of a "thinning the herd" mentality.)

I'm sorry, but I don't see any saviors on the horizon. Not Biden. Not Harris. Certainly not Pelosi or Schumer. There is not a single elected person in national government who can be consistently counted on to say or do the right thing. Not. One. Damn. Politician.

At its base, this is the fault of the American people. Who voted for Trump. Or who didn't vote at all. Who were too busy making money to realize that their kids were getting a dumbed-down education, and therefore lack knowledge of history and civics, the critical-thinking skills to see through the steady stream of bullshit, and the backbone to stand up and speak out against the onrushing evil.

1984. Animal Farm. Handmaid's Tale. Choose your fictional dystopia, and this nightmare will be worse.

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